On November 4, 1958 after a purebred Hereford sale there was a meeting to attempt to organize a Beef Breeders Association Sale.  The Southern Alberta Purebred Beef Breeders Association was formed that day. The President was Harry Dacre and the Secretary was R.O. Jussila.  The first sale was held on Wednesday, November 4, 1959. The sale consisted of 2 Angus Bulls and 105 Hereford Bulls. The first consigners were C.N. Anderson, Gordon Herman, CJ Hodgson, J.W. Hutchison, R.O. Jussila, A. Jussila, Vilho Matson, E.C. Stryker, Theo Strzelczyk, Joe Strzelczyk, Laurence Waldbauer, J. Wenskus, and Ed Yarshenko. 

The sale was held in the fall until 1961 when it was changed to May 25, 1961. The sale has been held in the spring since, but is now held in mid March. The sale has always been held at the Medicine Hat Stampede grounds. There has been a few different breeds selling at the bull sale, but the main two breeds have always been Black Angus and Polled and Horned Hereford.

The first show held in conjunction with the sale was held  in 1962 and at that time the show was held in the morning before the sale. In 1982 the show was changed to the evening before the sale and this continues today.

The sponsors and advertisers of the sale have always played a big part in the success of the sale. The Royal Bank of Canada has sponsored the Grand Champion Hereford since the start of the show from 1962-2011. The Medicine Hat Feeding Co. has placed an ad in the catalogue since 1959. The support of these businesses continues to make the Medicine Hat Bull Sale one of the best.
The sale now consists of Breeders in the Southern Alta Hereford Club & the Southern Alberta Angus Club. As well we have taken in invited guests from outside the area to enhance the numbers and ensure a good selection of bulls for all the buyers. The Medicine Hat Bull Sale is now one of the top consignment sales in Canada


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Ayrey Hereford Farms Lamport Polled Herefords
Lilybrook Herefords
Rocking G Cattle Co.
Wyatt Farms
YV Ranch
Blair and Jessica Fenton
Finseth Herefords
Rafter Double U Ranch
Sky Virtu Ranch
Echo Rock Ranch
Tanga Herefords
Glenrose Polled Herefords and Angus
JoNomn Herefords
SAPBBA Contributors will pay up to $40.00 per bull towards trucking costs for purchasers buying 5 or more bulls.



For more information or a
catalogue, please call
President: Merle Wyatt 403 485 8289
Secretary: Nicona Brost 403 878-7141
[email protected]

Sale Day Contacts:

Bob Balog 403-327-1016
Grant Ellefson 403 501 9707
Louis Balog: 403-331-0611

Sale Is Located At The...

Medicine Hat Exhibition
Stampede Grounds 

Sponsored by the Southeastern Alberta
Purebred Beef Breeders Association

Merle Wyatt
Vice President: Andy Schuepbach
Secretary: Nicona Brost

Sale Contact: Travis Bygrove 780 205 6008

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